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At three months old Shireal landed in Frankfurt, Germany to live with her parents on an Army base. For the first ten years of her life she would find herself in a different country, city, state, school and church every six months. Her travels gave her a broad view of the world and more life experience than most adults. At the age of seven while living in Kansas, her father was deployed to Iraq. This is when she was given her first journal from her mother. This journal would become the vessel that opened up a world of creativity for a young girl trying to find purpose in a big world. 


By the age of sixteen Shireal’s father retired from the Army and her parents were divorced. She lived with her father who worked long shifts, sometimes overnight, leaving her in a big house by herself with nothing but her journals to keep her company. It was then that Shireal wrote her first screenplay. She began to write movies based on characters she wanted to play or lives she wished she lived. This is when she discovered that writing was her family, her confidant, her best friend, the one consistent thing in her life. It saved her from dark, lonely times. This gift of writing that God gave her would become more significant to her as she entered into adulthood and found herself in a relationship with a married man. That relationship exposed her to a life filled with anxiety, depression, self-hate, self-doubt and physical and mental abuse. She had totally lost sight of who she was and whom God called her to be. It wasn’t until she began writing her pain down that she started to seek God again and He used her gift to deliver her from that unhealthy relationship catapulting her into a new woman in Him whose trauma would be turned into a testimony of His mercy and His grace.




By age 26, Shireal published her first book of poetry that inspired the stage play, “Wide Open: A One Woman Show,” which debuted at the historic Wadsworth Museum of Art in Hartford, CT. The play toured throughout multiple cities and states. That same year, Shireal became the producer and host of the online show, Poetz Corner TV which got picked up by Ugly Radio where she hosted a poetry segment every Friday night. This success exposed her to various media outlets, she was featured on FOX 61, Hot 93.7, the Hartford Advocate and in the Hartford Courant just to name a few. By 2012, Shireal was on the fast track, performing several nights a week, traveling, and growing her brand but she still wasn’t fulfilled. She still yearned for that foundation of family that she’d missed when her parents divorced. That year God sent her a man that would change her life forever.



In 2014, Shireal married the man she prayed for, Henry James Lewis Jr. and together they have two beautiful children, a son, Henry III and daughter, Harlei. Henry is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His relationship with Christ inspired her to dig deeper into her relationship with Christ. Although she’d always had a relationship with God and was a witness to his miracles and His grace, she knew that God wanted more from her and she wanted to give God what He wanted. Through prayer and works God revealed to her that it was her faith that got her through the toughest, most challenging, most ambitious moments in her life. God showed her how He sent people into her life, to produce her play, to design her books, to give advice, money and support her all along the way. Being a Faith Ambassador is a charge given to her by God Himself. Shireal is a witness that all you have to do is have a little faith, move on that faith and God will show up.



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