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Be Her


*** Total transparency, I just finished my homework and had no time to write today. I still want to honor my commitment to post every day, so I found something I wrote a while ago that I think someone needs to hear. I originally wrote this for myself but as I reread it, I think it's for all of us, especially with the climate of the world right now. I hope you enjoy it. ***

It is absolutely important that today you start to become the real you. You no longer have the luxury of being mediocre and great at times; the world needs you at your best.  In order to become this great woman that you are you have to stop being the person that you used to be. You can no longer carry around hurt and pain from the past. You can no longer blame your new spouse for your ex’s faults. You cannot be angry at your sister for that thing that happened, that time. You can no longer be jealous, judgmental, and confused. You can’t be impatient with the car in front of you for going the speed limit because you decided to sleep in that extra 10 minutes and now, you're running late. We have to be bigger and better. The world needs us to be.

I for one have tried the relationship thing and failed miserably.  I have mastered the smoking thing until it made me sick, I have been bad and ugly as it gets, said things that I wish I could take back...but I can’t. Now, it is time for me to work on being Beautiful and Great!  In order to become this new me, I must start by forgiving the old me. I forgive her for those cruel, nasty, unladylike words she allowed to come out of her mouth. I forgive her for ignoring obvious warning signs, not paying attention to stop signs, and wasting so much of my time.  I forgive her for not always being honest with herself about herself and about the people she allowed in her life. I forgive her for not loving herself so much that love from anywhere else was a bonus. Today, I FORGIVE her.


We must surround ourselves around good people, pray more, enjoy being outside, and appreciating the weather no matter the season. We must take care of our health so that we can age gracefully. We must confront issues right away, and don’t let them fester and build. We must be generous and kind to strangers. We must greet people with smiles and hello’s and understand if they don’t return the gesture - because we’ve done that before. We must maintain a clear mind to hear God’s voice and be prepared to move when he provides His divine guidance and wisdom.


Don’t mess this up. This time it's too important. It’s bigger than us or anything we've ever imagined. We must stop living in this fantasy world of foolishness and dividing your greatness with moments of blissful pleasures and unnecessary distractions. We must become the women we’re destined to be in this reality. God has already written and planned us to be great! He is crying for our attention so that He can give us everything our hearts desire.  But if we keep asking for the wrong things and allowing ourselves to be distracted by worldly things it will be hard for Him to give us what we really need (to those that much is given, much is required).  Our spirits are too powerful to be suppressed. We are powerful women and it's time for us to tap into that power like never before. We must stand together and change this world. Time is not waiting on us nor will it guarantee us another opportunity like this. Let's use the lessons we've learned as a guide along the way. We are on this journey to greatness together. 




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