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We will be moving in 12 days and I’m both happy and sad about it. I really don’t want to leave because we have so much support being here, but as far as space, we’ve reached our capacity. I read a book by Chip and Joanna Gaines that talked about making the most out of the space you have. Although we will be moving into another apartment, I plan on making the space we have comfortable and filled with love.

My kids are going to have their own room and their own creative space. I don’t want to call it a playroom because it will be so much more than that. I am going to set up a place for Jay to do his distance learning, he will have his desk, paper, color pencils, and crayons all readily available for him to create and learn. Harlei will have an area to hang all of her purses and set up her tulle skirts and princess shoes. It will be an area that is all theirs, a place where I won’t fuss at them about making a mess, a place where they can just be. I’m most excited about this.

I have plans for me and Henry too. I work from home, we both have small businesses, and work together on our podcast. Our work area is going to be full of light, it’s going to have workspaces for both of us to create individually and space for us to work together. It is going to be warm, comfortable, and chic. I have been loading up my Pinterest boards with ideas and looking into new stores to patronize to bring my visions to life.

Cleaning out our storage is going to be an adventure of its own. It has been so long I don’t even know what treasures are in there. It’s going to like going on a shopping spree. I’m sure I have stuff in there that hasn’t been opened. We have the largest storage unit they had available and it is filled to the capacity with our things, I may not even have to do any shopping once we unpack all of those boxes. I’m looking forward to hanging up our family pictures. We have great pictures of our kids; those will make any place feel like home.

I’m beginning to feel anxious about moving, about leaving, and about filling up our new space. I know we’ve reached our capacity here; we’ve reached it in our storage unit, we’ve outgrown all of our current spaces and it is time to occupy a new place. What I pray is that in this new place we can grow as a family, we can grow in our businesses, and most importantly we can fill it with love because that’s one thing there is no capacity limit too, that we can have in overflow.

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