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God's Grace


I’ve been venting a lot in my last couple of posts. It’s time to turn that around and give God the glory He deserves. My struggles don’t compare to the blessings that I have. My family is well, and we are all healthy. My children are happy, my husband is loving, supportive, and caring. My extended family supports and encourages me, and I am surrounded by love. I’m in love, I love my job, I love my career, I love so many things. I have to watch it when I get caught up on the things that distract me from all of these blessings.

I mentioned in my last post that I never wanted an MBA. This is very true, but that opportunity didn’t come by chance. This is something that God wanted me to do. Is this the hardest thing I’ve ever done, absolutely, will it have a great reward? Absolutely! I’m the first person to say, God’s plan is always better than my own, so even though I never planned to further my education, God saw fit for me to, He saw more in me than I see in myself. He knows what I’m capable of and He wouldn’t have given me this opportunity if I couldn’t handle it. Is it stretching me to my capacity? Absolutely, but I know the Lord is preparing me for something amazing and this is my training ground.

When I was writing my paper last night, it felt like my head was going to explode. It reminded me of last weekend when I was writing my pages to submit to the publishing house, another time it felt like my head was going to explode. When I look back over the last two weeks and I realize all the amazing things that are happening in my life it’s hard to stay caught up on the pain that I’m going through to achieve these goals or the loss of sleep that I’m experiencing to meet these deadlines. When I focus on what my life will look like this time next year because of the hard work I am putting in right now I get overwhelmed by how merciful and full of grace God is. The fact that He believes in me so much and trusts me to move on and push forward even when it hurts, even when I cry and complain, I still move. It’s His grace that moves, me, keeps me, pushes me along. I couldn’t do it without the Lord's grace.

I needed to make sure I took some time out to thank God. I want everyone to know that in the midst of my struggles, when it looks like I’m falling fast with one foot off the ledge, it’s God’s grace that keeps me. It is in those moments that I’m closest to Him. When I complete these goals, He is right there holding my hand, encouraging me, and showing me that He will never leave me, He is the God of truth and never fails me and that’s how I make it through, all because of God’s grace!

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