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God's Idea


I feel awful that I didn't post an update to My Journal yesterday. I'm hard on myself when I don’t stick to a commitment. In this particular case, I had two commitments fighting against each other and the other one took top priority.

I’ve mentioned before that I had a deadline to submit pages of my new book to a publisher. Well, the deadline is today. Actually, for me, it was last night because I have to work and do homework today. I had to put every ounce of my time, strength, and focus into this. 48 hours, 30 pages, and a query letter later I sent my pages to the publisher and I am so proud of myself.

I’ve submitted work to publishers before, but this time is different because this time, God showed me the story He wanted me to write. When I originally found out that this publisher was accepting submissions, I’d thought I’d be submitting pages from my novel, Dodging Deliverance – the sequel to Me & My Man’s Wife, it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that this changed.

I’d woke up early as per usual, Henry was off to work, and the kids were still sleeping, so I decided to just bask in the peace and quiet. As I lay in the bed looking out the window, I started seeing images of scenes and characters and experiences. I said out loud, “why am I thinking about this?” Almost immediately I knew that God was showing me a new book.

Here’s the thing about me and God’s relationship, I am like the curious, rambunctious toddler, therefore, instead of me just thanking Him for the idea I said, “That’s a brand-new story, how am I supposed to write that in this short amount of time?” The other thing about our relationship is, no matter my initial reaction, or the up and downs I have going through the process, I always do as I’m told. The great thing about God is whenever He gives an assignment, He ALWAYS provides what I need to get it done. I didn’t sleep from Sunday morning until 2:30 this morning and when I finally laid my head down on my pillow, I still had energy, because I was being fueled by God.

This year has been filled with challenges and trials but this weekend I had a triumph. Nothing can compare to the feeling of accomplishment and pride that I had when I hit send on that submission. Although you never know the outcome when you put yourself out there like this, I know God is not done with this work. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to share God's idea in this new book with the world.

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