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Marriage Unmastered


My husband had been talking about doing a sort of marriage ministry for a few years, but he hadn’t nailed down exactly what it was going to be until recently. He came to me in early spring and told me he’d figured out how to execute his plan and that was to do a Podcast about marriage. I was intrigued and skeptical at the same time because even though we are married I for one don’t know what the heck I’m doing, I’m figuring this thing out on a daily basis.

As he explained it to me more, he said he wanted us to discuss topics about different situations married couples go through, issues they face, give and get feedback, while creating a support network and he wanted it to be faith-based since we are Christians. I laughed at the thought of me giving anyone marriage advice, and I for sure would not be quoting scripture. However, I knew he was serious and excited about this venture and the little I do know about being a wife is I am going to support my husband’s ideas and help him in any way I can to make his vision a reality. So, I immediately go into business mode. “How do you plan to promote this? What will we call this Podcast? What platform will we use? I can’t be phony, so how am I supposed to give marriage advice and be quoting scripture, none of those things are me so we need to make this real if we are going to do it.”

We mapped out every detail. We decided that we would launch it on Instagram live as a trial to see how people responded to it and if they watched it at all. We would promote it on all of our social media platforms, and we would call it, Marriage Unmastered, I insisted on the unmastered part. I wanted to ensure that people didn’t feel like we were preaching to them or giving some expert advice. We have only been married five years so essentially, we are still newlyweds and although Henry is a minister, the Lord is still very much working on me so I for sure am not about to pretend I’m an expert in the word. I’m a raw Christian I know God more through the spirit than through church experience. Henry on the other hand grew up in the church, both his parents are Pastors therefore, he can do all the preaching.

Ultimately, we worked out all the details and on Sunday, May 17th we went live for our first segment on IGTV. To our surprise, we had 345 views. Now I know that’s probably not impressive to some but for two young married people putting themselves out there and just trying something for the first time it felt like a million. People logged on to watch us live week after week, answering and asking questions, leaving comments, and genuinely being involved. It was great. The best part for me is Henry gets to be who he is, and he only wants me to be who I am. I think we balance each other very well and we have fun working together and doing something positive to promote healthy relationships. We love it.

This week after a lot of trial and error we’ve finally graduated from IGTV to an actual Podcast. I am excited to announce that you can download Marriage Unmastered on Spotify and Anchor. We will be releasing new segments weekly, be prepared to laugh as we engage in open, honest, thought-provoking conversations. You can download Marriage Unmastered from the following links:



Also, follow us on Instagram @marriage_unmastered

Feel free to leave comments and join in with the conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

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