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I had a meeting with my teacher the other day and the minute I hit join on the WebEx my kids started going crazy. They were fighting and screaming and jumping off the furniture, I couldn’t focus on anything my teacher was explaining. I kept putting the WebEx on mute so I could yell at them, but the more I yelled the louder they got, it was a nightmare. I really needed the help in this class, so I was getting really frustrated and started seeing red.

I’ve mentioned before that we’re living with family right now, to be more specific we’re living with my sister and brother-in-law. No more than five minutes into my kids jumping off the walls, right when I was about to lose it, my brother-in-law comes downstairs (he works from home now) and says, “I’m off my meeting, and I hear your mother talking to you too much, get upstairs while she’s on her call.” I cannot tell you how much this meant to me, because of that kind, and thoughtful gesture, I was able to focus on the meeting with my teacher and finish my project.

I talk about my immediate family often, everyone knows how amazing my husband is and in spite of them being smack in the middle of their terrible toddler years, I adore my kids. I don’t talk about my extended family as much but tonight I want to shed some light on how fortunate I am. Before I got married one of the things, I prayed for was to get along with my in-laws, this was very important to me because I come from a big, tight-knit family and I wanted to experience that same closeness with my husband’s family. All I can say is, I got what I prayed for and more. The addition of my husband’s family to my life completes me. My children have a full circle of love around them. They have auntie’s and uncles and cousins, and two sets of grandparents and they shower them in love. My husband and I have a support system that people couldn’t pay for. We are so very blessed.

In this crazy world of uncertainty, it is important that we take each day to let the people in our lives know how important they are to us. It’s not the time to assume that people know how special they are, we have to say the words. The words are like water in our gardens of roses. That water keeps feeding love back into their lives the same way they pour into ours. My garden of roses is so beautiful. It is filled with love, support, kindness, laughter, joy, and sometimes pain. In those times of pain is when all that love and support is illuminated, and we close in around each other and make sure that the one hurting can smell the sweet smell of love that ensures them that, we got them. God made the roses for us to appreciate while we’re here. Let’s make sure that we are taking care of our roses while they're in full bloom because that’s when you can really enjoy them.

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