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Today we got the kids up at 7, gave them breakfast, got them dressed and we were all up and running by 8. Jay starts distance learning next week, so I wanted to start getting him in a routine of getting up early and preparing for his school day. It is also very helpful for me as I need to be logged on to work by 8.

Today I had meetings all morning and the plan worked out well. That early in the morning the kids are not rowdy, they were calm and sat quietly watching Paw Patrol. Everything would’ve been perfect had it not been for murphy’s law. My morning meeting wound up being postponed because of computer issues that didn’t get resolved until 1. Up until that point, the kids were great. It wasn’t until after lunch that they started literally jumping off the couches, singing, and dancing. This was at the exact time that by magic the computer was back online, and it was time for my meetings. Here come the disclaimers, “I’m so sorry, please excuse my kids in the background.” Covid-19 should've come with an automated message at the beginning of every business call. I‘m fortunate that everyone’s kids are home, but that still doesn’t make me feel good when mine are the one’s screaming in the background.

Whatever the case, waking them up early seems to be the best plan of action. This way I have more control over the day. When I let them sleep in, it doesn’t matter what I’m in the middle of, I have to stop everything once they get up. Once school starts it will help me out even move because I will put Jay on the school’s schedule with his meals, lessons, etc. Harlei will have to join in with his lessons she will just be ahead of the game next year when it’s her time to start school. I’m a new parent and seek a lot of advice from my experienced friends and family when it comes to kids’ schedules everyone always recommends a routine. Tonight, after their long day they were fast asleep by 8 pm. Making this a set routine is already working out great for me.

Consistency is the key. If we keep this up our lives will be a lot smoother and Henry and I will have a lot more time to ourselves in the evening. More time to ourselves seems like a distant memory of the past, but it’s making a comeback. More time for me means, more time to study, more time to write, more time for peace of mind. Wow, routines are my new dream come true.

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