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I follow an account on IG called, Brown Girls Who Write; @browngirlswhowrite. They posted a challenge today, 30 blog posts in 30-days. Of course, it caught my attention, however as quickly as I was intrigued by the challenge, was as quickly as I dismissed it. I thought, I currently have to write a case for my marketing class, and I have a 10-page term paper due on Tuesday, it is probably not a good time to challenge myself to anything.

As I sat there reading my case study, I realized I couldn’t focus because I kept thinking of this 30-day blog challenge. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about how much I have on my plate right now and how extremely stressed I am all of the time. I always have something to do, my mind is always racing, and I never rest. I literally have been going to bed after 3 am at least four times a week. Then it dawned on me,

1. If I am staying up until 3 am I have time to write my blog,

2. If I write more, I can get some sleep because writing is my therapy and helps me clear my mind.

That’s how I made my decision to accept the challenge. I definitely do not need to add things to my already full to-do list, but I do need to sort through the emotional Birkin Bag I’ve been carrying around for last year (No, I do not own a Birkin – yet).

Since I will be taking on this challenge, I’ve decided to put some guidelines around how I will do this.

1. I will start on Wednesday, August 19th after I submit my term paper.

2. I will make sure that I am not writing just to write. I promised you full transparency, so I am going to get some real things off my chest.

3. My goal, besides completing the challenge is to get to know you. As I expose myself, please don’t leave me out here alone. I want to hear from you, send your comments, give me some feedback, be my therapist since you are basically reading my journal.

As I’ve mentioned before my journal has always been therapy for me and I intend to write my way through some obstacles I’ve been facing with this challenge. Lord knows I have been going through. But thank God for his mercy and His grace that keeps me. I look forward to doing this, I’m excited to see what God reveals to me. He speaks to me and through me with my writing so who knows what is about to happen now, especially with me being in a season of transition – Lord have mercy, no telling what He is about to do. Wow, A Season of Transition, I think that will be my first post of the challenge.

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