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It’s official, we’re moving. We decided to take a break from house hunting and move into an apartment. It’s not ideal, it certainly wasn’t our initial plan, but it’s necessary for our family right now. Our kids are getting big fast, we are accumulating stuff daily and with both Henry and my growing businesses we need space, our own space. Henry decided that it was best that we move before the weather changes so we will officially be in our new place in October.

We moved in with our family for almost a year and a half ago. We were initially supposed to be here for two months until we moved into our house. I honestly can’t believe that a year passed by so fast. No one ever could’ve predicted the fate of 2020 and what would happen in our lives or in the world. Honestly, in lieu of what happened in 2020 living with family turned out to be a huge blessing. While many people were in isolation alone or with only a few people they could be in contact with, there were ten of us in the house together. We had a lot of fun. We enjoyed game nights, movie nights, we cooked for each other and never got bored. Our kids we able to be around a lot of people at a pivotal time in their development, instead of them being cooped up under me and Henry, they had a house full of family to spend time with. They also were blessed to have a big yard to play in and a neighborhood to walk around in, so living with family this year has been a huge blessing for us. God’s plan is always best.

I’m getting excited as we start to pack up our things and prepare for this move. I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t happy at first. The first walkthrough we had of the place, there was a cloud of sadness that fell on me. I left feeling so defeated that we were going to be renting again. I couldn’t understand why God had us back here after we’d worked so hard to be in a position to buy, I wanted to know, now that we are, why isn’t it happening? I felt the same way the second time we went to look at it, we left, and I was sad again. It wasn’t until today when we went again that I felt content. I’m content because I think of what 2020 brought in, and how our plan was to be in our own home but look at the blessing it turned out to be that we weren’t.

Now, for whatever reason, God has us moving into another apartment and if I’m trusting Him, then I know whatever the reason is, He knows best and it will work out for our good. Knowing that God loves us and has our best interest in mind changes my whole perspective. This transition is going to work out, we are going to prosper while we are in it and I am going to thank God all the way through because I know that the home God has for us is more than we could ever wish for or imagine because God is great. Ultimately, home is where me Henry and our kids are, as long as we are healthy and safe our love for each other is what makes any place our home.

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