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Let's Write!

About Your Coach:

The world is loud. 

Writing helps you find your quiet place.

Shireal R. Lewis is the founder of By Renee Visions Publishing House, a publishing company established in 2009 at 70 Pratt Street in Downtown Hartford, CT, when she was 26 years old. Through this company, this young and talented entrepreneur published three books, Bare Naked, a book of poetry by poet Mind Evolution, Shireal’s own work, The Things Inside Me: A Poetic Trip Inside a Young Female Mind (TTIM), and Me & My Man’s Wife: A Testimony of Deliverance. Drawing from her life story when writing about experiences, TTIM was published as a collector’s edition comprised of three poetry books; TTIM, Matured & Educated: Read What My Heart Bleeds, and Open: Let Life In. The collector’s edition inspired her to write the stage play, “Wide Open: A One Woman Show,” which debuted at the historic Wadsworth Museum of Art in Hartford, CT, and toured throughout the United States. 

Capitalizing on the momentum, that same year Shireal became the producer and host of the online show, Poetz Corner TV which got picked up by Ugly Radio where she hosted a poetry segment every Friday night. Shireal continued to succeed and was featured on FOX 61, Hot 93.7, the Hartford Advocate and in the Hartford Courant, just to name a few. By 2012, Shireal was on the fast track, performing several nights a week, traveling, and growing her brand but was still unfulfilled. She yearned for that foundation of family that she’d missed when her parents divorced. As an answer to her prayers, God sent her a man that would change her life forever. 

Before marrying her husband, Shireal decided to write her first novel, a book inspired by one of the darkest times in her life. This heart wrenching story needed to be told to bring closure and healing from pain that could not exist in a healthy marriage. In 2013, she completed the novel, Me & My Man’s Wife: A Testimony of Deliverance. A year later, she married the man of her dreams and in 2016 she published the book that encouraged her to close her publishing company and completely rebrand her image, introducing Shireal R. Lewis.


The                    of my life have become the foundation of my career.

Use your story to fuel your                         



Are you ready to start your book?

 Get your idea out of your head and onto the page!

After this meeting you will leave with:

  • An outline for your book 

  • A clear message 

  • Ability to identify your audience and genre

  • A timeline on completing your work



 One 2-Hour Coaching Session 


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